Presidential workgroups include:

  • Global Specialties Advisory Group- Evaluate and provide advice on developing a globally focused program for the association.
  • Commercial Broker Advisory Group- Evaluate and provide advice on initiatives to serve the commercial membership of the association.
  • Rural Land Use Advisory Group- Evaluate and provide advice on initiatives related to land use, preservation, and  conservation for the Association.

Meetings and conferences may have a corresponding conference workgroup appointed to provide input and advice/direction to professional staff regarding program content and other issues that will have a direct impact on member participation and satisfaction. Conferences being proposed are subject to inclusion in the approved budget. Conferences include the following:

  • Broker Conference
  • Property Management Conference
  • The Virginia Leadership Academy

Conference workgroup members shall be appointed by the President in anticipation of budget inclusion as follows: One Chair, one Vice Chair, and up to three (3) additional advising members all of whom shall be practitioners in the subject matter of the conference. Conference workgroups are designed to be small and nimble to facilitate easy meeting scheduling, quorum requirements, and inclusive communication/participation. The workgroup chair shall serve as the prominent member representative throughout the conference. Conference members should serve no more than three years on the workgroup before rotating off to allow other members an opportunity to serve. After one year off, the committee members are eligible for reappointment.

The Property Management Conference Workgroup will be composed of no more than (5) five members and shall be appointed by the Chair of the Property Management Council.

Meetings: Volunteers meet via video conference several times (as needed) five months prior to event.