Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) Forum – FPC Team Members

The Chair of the FPC Forum shall be the member serving as the state representative to the NAR Member Involvement Committee. As a forum, this group has open membership.

Committee Charge: To provide a group of REALTOR® volunteers who are interested in providing support as members of the FPC Teams. The FPCs serve as liaisons to our Federal office-holders known as Members of Congress (MOC). The teams consist of the NAR appointed FPC for the respective MOC along with other volunteers interested in assisting in the development of the REALTOR®/MOC relationship. FPCs are appointed by the NAR President upon recommendation by the President after each election cycle. Ideally the FPC has an existing personal relationship with the MOC and can be an effective advocate on federal REALTOR® issues.

Past Presidents Forum

The forum shall be composed of all State Past Presidents. The immediate past president shall serve as the chair of the forum.

Committee Charge: This forum provides valuable strategic advice and recommendations to association leadership and the CEO.

Meetings: In person at our Legislative Conference and Annual Convention.

RPAC Local Fundraising Chairs Forum

The RPAC Fundraising Chair and Vice Chair shall serve as the respective chair and vice chair of this forum. Membership shall be open to the chairs of the local association RPAC committees.

Committee Charge: This forum will meet twice per year for RPAC fundraising training and education on fundraising resources available to assist local associations fundraising.

Meetings: In person at our Legislative Conference and Annual Convention.